Forest Friends Paintable Christmas Ornaments



Decorate your Christmas Tree with these amazing Forest Friends laser cut and engraved ornaments. Each one comes with 3 colors of acrylic paint and a paintbrush to ensure you can decorate them as desired. We have five animal designs available: Bear, Deer, Fox, Racoon, & Squirrel.

-Each wooden ornament measures approximately 5 inches in height and 4 inches in width.
-The ornaments are each approximately 1/5 in thick.
-Each ornament comes with red and white paint and an additional color based on the animal you choose.
-Use colors provided or blend colors together to decorate in your own fashion.
-Also included is a 10 in length of red and white twine to complete the ornament and be able to hang on your Christmas tree this year.

-Make sure when decorating to use newspaper or other covering to protect your work area.
-Stir each paint cup before painting to ensure even coating.
-Clean your brush with water between each color of paint.
-Acrylic paint can generally be cleaned up with warm soapy water, but it will stain certain materials and fabrics, including all clothes.


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